The crew of Blender Brew sometimes comes across certain situations, where we need to think a little bit ‘out of the box’.

This means we have to built our own solutions, sometimes just for that particular project, and sometimes we need something more re-usable.
And in the spirit of Open Source, we want to make the useable solutions available to everybody.


Putting a Square Peg in a Round Hole.

Or how we came up with a solution to add a regular lens filter on a Fisheye lens.

Our problem:
Shooting high quality, high resolution unclipped HDRI panorama’s with a fisheye lens, that preferably need a ND lens filter.

For our Nikon camera there is a solution, but it is not really workable ‘in the field’.
Wide angle lenses from Nikon, for example the 10.5 mm and/or 16 mm, will need the filters to be placed – in-between – the camera body and the lens.
Adding or removing the filters is risky,  especially when you are on location with dust, rain, wind etc.

So we came up with our own solution, and decided to make it free for everyone who could use it too. So continue here…