Who or what is blender brew?

Well…. We all like a good brew over here…. 😉
We’re a small team of experienced 3D artists, working in the VFX field for many, many years now.
We fully moved over to Blender a while ago, and are merging our experiences and workflows into Blender. Sometimes this means adding a addon or script here and there.
We want to help out others as well, and planned to do this in the form of videotraining and custom addons, to help your workflow as well.

Why did you start blender brew?

Blender is gaining a lot of attention recently in 3D content related industries. Big companies are slowly beginning to put huge funds to Blender in order to support it’s further development. More and more users are downloading and trying Blender for their business or as a hobby.
Blender is a powerful tool and got quite accessible for users of other 3D application with the release of version 2.80. A lot of sometimes “non-standard” ways to do things got more streamlined, and made the jump from other 3D applications a lot easier.
But still, Blender has some tweaks to go in certain parts of the application, to get all it’s power more easily accessible.

So Blender will get more and more attention from smaller to mid-range studios in the near future. Frustration about the lack of development and commitment coming from the “big players” in the DCC software market will emphasis that trend also.
Blender has a huge and creative hobbyists fan- and userbase. But the needs of professional and hobby users are different though. This is what Blender Brew is all about.

We want to show, how Blender could help out in smaller to mid-range studios,to accomplish certain task in a more professional manner. That means, that we will try to show how certain workflows in Blender differ from“industry standards”, and how they can be handled more efficiently or changed to your needs where ever possible.

We all look back on many years of experience in 3D business, some of us more than 20 years. Blender got our our tool of choice, because we currently see huge potential in Blender and open source software in general. We would like to get it more and more into the professional realm of 3D content creation like commercial production, visualization, film or VFX.

Join us on our journey, and make Blender into a given for VFX studios, not just the ‘ugly duckling’ it is often perceived it is.